Not everyone communicates through social media. There is still something with the older technology today that is so powerful. Sending an email is personal and it is something they can always save and refer to later. 


Oh HEYYY!!!! I am so excited for you to get your YL goodies!! Okay, here are a few things you need to know! 

First up - we have an education website for you to learn all about your oils! It’s free to you - just register here: 

We also have our educational oils group -  Oils  |  Modern!!!

Check out the "Announcements" section at the top of the page. Tons of great info and has literally pop all your questions answered. 

+and here’s our sharing group called Business | Modern for when you wanna check that out!

Here is our exclusive handbook - it’s a perk to our team!

Next, PRESENTS!!!!!!!!! HAPPY MAIL!!!!!

I’m sending you a little “welcome kit” with some goodies to get you started:)

Here are a few things I love and have been super helpful:

Make sure to grab the Essential Oil Pocket Reference (You MUST own this! It’s the best.)


So, when you oils have arrived - open them up and USE them! <3 



To log into your account, use

When you run out of your favorite oil, or decide to try something new, make sure to pop that new item on Subscribe to Save! You can customize what you get, and even set it for when you need it (every month, or maybe every other, or every 3rd month!) - this will make sure you get your 24% discount (or, even easier, anytime you grab 100pv of goodies that unlocks your discount for a whole year hollaaaaaa) 

OOH, and, when your Subscribe to Save order is over 50pv, you earn Loyalty Rewards! You then earn points for every purchase - and you can redeem your points for free oils (!!!) - I’ll fill you in!

Once you start using your oils, your friends will totally start asking you about them. Trust me. It's cray. When they do, you can help them grab their kit by sending them this link:<<INSERT THEIR MEMBER NUMBER HERE>> It's crazy fun to learn about oils with your friends - and get paid for referring them! ❤️ If you wanna take a peek at what becoming a Brand Partner with YL and getting paid looks like, hop into our Mentorship text class by texting MENTORSHIP to me at (267) 480-9322 (<< INSERT YOUR OWN PB NUMBER IF YOURE USING THE MENTORSHIP BUNDLE CODE OR LEAVE THIS AS IS AND THEY WILL GET THE INFO FROM ANNIE>>)

or go here!

If you ever have any issues with an order, PLEASE call or text me.

I can hop on LiveChat and figure it out for you.  And if you have any oil questions, please call or text me with those too!  If I don’t know the answer I will find out for you.

I included my friend (<<INSERT SPONSORS NAME>>) in this email too-  she is part of your leadership too and amazing! You can reach out to any of us anytime for help also! So excited for you! 

Xoxo Annie

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