Have you ever heard the phrase that we are living in a microwave society? It’s a really interesting concept to look at and it applies directly to this business. Let’s think about a couple of other things in our daily lives that we might not even realize because it’s just second nature now, but they fall under the microwave society category:

Instant information, open Google. Our children won’t understand the encyclopedia or card catalogs like we did.

We want music, “Alexa, play ______” or we download it on one of our apps. No need to spend hours in The Wall or FYI, bye Sam Goody.

Instant friends, plug into Facebook and Instagram. No need to leave your home to have thousands of buddies.

We need directions, pop them into Waze or Google Maps. Using a real map, irrelevant and even printing Mapquest is a thing of the past.

Instant #allthethings, Amazon can have it at your house within 2 days, sometimes even overnight. Going to the store is irrelevant.

I could sit here and list out hundreds of “instants” that we have come to know and live by. And don’t get me wrong, I am not saying these are bad things, at all. A lot of the instants we have access to today aide in our success in other areas. But for many it has created a false sense of what it takes to be successful in different areas of our lives. One in particular is “instant money and success in this business”.

So many people start this business and quit before they even really get started. Many become discouraged and disappointed quickly if they aren’t reaching certain goals as fast as someone else or as fast as they’d like.

Let’s break it down though. MOST people who start their own businesses are lucky if they see a profit after a few years. Not to mention that the capital to start many traditional businesses is WAY expensive. For us, it’s grabbing some products we want to try, getting a $30 Brand Partner kit, and diving in.

Think about Doctors, would it make sense if they went to school, made that time and financial investment/decision to learn that they just give up after a couple months because it was harder than they thought it would be? Would it make sense that they quit because they have to work weekends and they really enjoyed weekends off? Would it make sense that they quit when they get their first paycheck and it doesn’t match the “average paycheck of a doctor who has been in the field for years.”? No. It would be silly. We would probably think “What were they thinking?”

So why do so many quit this business after a few weeks, months, even years, because they haven’t made it to the top or they aren’t where they “thought” they would be by now.

This business is a great way to make income. We have no overhead, we can get started for $30 and we have the potential to make serious income down the road. We can work at our own pace and from our phones, make our own schedules and have the ability to grow as fast or as slow as we want. And there are TONS of people who reach their goals in this business and have financial freedom, time freedom and a solid foundation for their future. We have seen it happen plenty of times and we will continue to see it for years and years. And just because there are people at the top doesn’t mean there isn’t room for anyone who wants it. All of that is true.

The problem we have is that even though this business is a great way to go… it still takes work, time and dedication. It takes the unsexy side of the hustle that most people don’t see. It takes the sacrifices (less time going out, watching tv, early mornings, late nights). You have to be willing to work for the results.

You might not make any money your first month. It might take you a little longer to get started and hit your ranks. Maybe it takes you a little longer that others to quit your job or go on that dream vacation. But does that mean you should quit? What happens when you quit? You are back in the same place you were before you started. If you keep going, no matter how long it takes, you will get there.

Spend some time and think about the ones who have achieved the success you are working towards. Look at what it took for them to “make it”. In almost all cases you will find that they made the commitment to be in their business for the long-haul. They realized that time, dedication, sacrifice, and some financial investment were required to hit their goals. They stuck with it, thorough the good times and the challenging times. Speaking from experience here and I can bet if you ask anyone who has stuck with this business, that they have had set backs. But because they decided they were stronger than those set backs, they worked through them, learned from them and came out on the other side.

You have to move past the “microwave mentality”. The potential of this business is far greater than we even realize. Once you really connect with why you’re doing this, nothing can and not will let you quit.

I can't wait to see you reach your goals.

Image by Julia Androshchuk