We call the reason we hustle in our YL business our “why” and it’s the thing that propels us when we are tired, discouraged or disappointed. It motivates us & gives us a reason to do all the things. It’s also the thing that drives us when we are energized, happy, and grateful!

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Here are some ways to find your why

+what worries you? 

+what is one of the first things you think of when you wake up in the morning? 

+what keeps you awake at night? 

+what makes your heart feel like it’s going to explode with love at the sight of it? Or thought of it? 

+what makes you feel like “if only I could do ___________”

+what would you do with a $500 a month paycheck? What would you do with a $1500 paycheck? What would you do with a $10,000 paycheck? What would you do with a $30,000 paycheck? What about $130,000 paycheck? (I KNOW IT SEEMS BANANAS, but dream that big crazy dream. Just do it.)



In this business we are big dreamers and we like to help you build your dreams too. So let's take a second to dream. And let me tell you, if your dreams aren’t scaring the crap out of you, they aren’t big enough. 

What dreams are in your heart? Do you have a heart to adopt? Do you want to start an animal rescue? Do you dream of being debt free? Do you have a heart for children in foster care? Do you have a dream to have your own children? Do you want to help kids go through college by investing into their education? Do you want to help your church and give them the ability to invest into a building? Do you want to thank your mama and dad by taking them on a vacation somewhere as a family? How about setting them up for retirement? And yourself. And your kids. And your kids kids kids kids.

What dreams are deep deep down that you thought were that….just dreams? We want to PULL them out of you because you are given those dreams for a reason. Just think for a minute if you really got to be a part of those big dreams? 

What if you had the ability to adopt? 

Think about the lives of the children you would change.

What if you saw a need, and were able to meet it. Without barely a glimpse at your bank account. 

What if you had the ability to buy a building for your church to meet in?

Think about the lives that would change.

What if you helped kids pay their college tuition?

Think about all of the lives that would change.

The bigger that you can dream, the bigger that your business can become...not for just your benefit or your family’s benefit but for people that you might not even know yet.


Within this team we have seen leaders:

+Donate a kidney to another team member 😭😭

+Pay for loved one’s surgeries that they otherwise couldn’t afford.

+Afford IVF

+Adopt children into their family

+give MORE in one month than they used to give in an entire year to causes that make their hearts sing 

+Pay for their daughter’s dance class.

+Pay off hundreds of thousands of dollars of debt.

+Come out from the crushing stress of finances.

+Give their husbands the ability to quit their jobs.

+Moms have quit their jobs to be home with their kids.

+Help contribute to the cost of bills monthly.

+Have the ability to shop at the grocery store of their choice.

+Have the ability to provide food and care for their kids with special needs.

 And more.

What big dreams do you have deep down?

Ask yourself. Your why is the thing that will keep you going and will make your life a happier one. Find it & never let it go. 

Watch this talk on residual income and why it’s something to run through a brick wall towards!!! Ryan Hase (former accountant) and Marlo’s hubby breaks it down for us. 

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Think about the questions above & define your WHY! Tell us what it is & why it’s important in the comments!