Think of your brand as your story. How do we make others FEEL when reading our stories? It’s so much deeper than a logo or team name, your story is told through the images that you post and the captions that you write.


Each post you share builds your story. PERFECTION IS NOT NECESSARY! (Did I say that loud enough?) Telling a deeper story that shares more than just what you sell is how you will get a deeper connection with people. Our business is about relationships and people entrusting you to help guide them in making better choices for their home. You want them to connect with you so much so that they transition from friend to purchasing customer.

It’s possible to do all that on Social Media when you can partner a few components together to tell YOUR story. Feel empowered that every time you are clicking to publish a post, you are adding to the experience people are getting when they read and engage with you on Social Media. You can turn your smartphone photos and storytelling into a strong marketing campaign for yourself and your business.


Let them start the story for you. Instagram in particular is a very visual app so you want to make sure you are sharing images on Instagram that tell a much larger story than just “buy from me, look what I sell!” When posting on any social media platform you need to ask yourself if this post is helping your brand or just sharing your business.


Your captions to your photos are super important when it comes to your brand. You want to be recognizable to anyone reading it. Part of that is developing the skill of learning to type the way you talk. Sounds easier than it is, but it’s worth spending the time to figure out. And sometimes that means not using punctuation properly or starting sentences with “And.”

Helpful tip: Speak out loud what how you would tell the story or describe it to a friend and once you’ve heard yourself tell the story type it out. Makes it easier to type in your natural tone.


Each post should build on the last. Post by post you are telling your story, your brand. You don’t want to be a one-hit-selling-wonder, you want to connect with people so they know, like and trust you to guide them through their own story.

This means you have to share more than just your products and services. I’m gonna say that once again. You have to share more than just your products and services. Share things with people that will leave them remembering you. This is what I’ve done with my love of Friends. I get Friends coffee mugs in the mail and funny quotes from the show tagged to my FB wall regularly. When people see it they think of me. THAT is called good branding. When people text me Friends quotes, I know they think of me way beyond just what I do.


Find 5 words that describe you. (more on this needs to be written)