Wondering how to start sharing on Social Media? As always, BE YOURSELF! WHen you share in a genuine and authentic way, people will know. 


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Post plenty of personal stuff in between your oil posts (roughly a 5 to 1 ratio), and limit overposting. If you post random crap a million times a day people will get bored and unfollow you. Try to post about oils about 1-3x per week. Any less and people will forget; much more and people will be annoyed.


Guys, never “share” something another oiler posted – first of all, if they posted it with privacy settings set so that only their friends could see it (which is how we should be posting), then when you “share” it, only your mutual friends will be able to see it – this is how FB works. If you like their picture and story, ask them if you can post it as yourself, quoting them and giving them credit. Also, don’t “share” a billion articles and memes. This is spam and people see right through it. I only share things I find super interesting, and I always write a bit about why I’m sharing it when I post. People are always thinking, “Why should I read this and why should I care?” Tell them.


Really *think* before posting about how you’re sick and nothing is helping. Anybody who was considering oils now thinks, “those oils don’t even work.” This is self-sabotage. People don’t need to know everything about you all the time. Instead, consider asking people in Oils | Modern Essentials for oil recommendations for your ailment. This is a solution-focused mentality.


Friend a LOT of other Moderns. Find people in your business groups that you relate to, and connect. Comment thoughtfully on their posts and they will do the same for you. In order to be interesting, be interested. I had a non-oiler friend who works in marketing tell me I had “great organic interaction” on my posts. Do you know why? I have LOTS of oil friends and oil friends are superb at commenting and helping to boost your post. When you get a lot of comments and likes on a post, Facebook sees it as “important” and bumps it to the top of your friends’ feeds. This helps remind people, “Hey, essential oils. Looks like Marlo isn’t the only crazy hippie who uses those.” You know what else reminds them of that? #5.


Stay connected with your real-life friends via FB and in real life. They need to know you exist and you care. And they need to know that YOU are the one to go to when they are ready to ask about oils. Be knowledgeable and trustworthy.


Ask yourself before posting anything – “Is this helpful? Is it beautiful? Will this enrich people’s lives? Does anybody care? Is it funny? Is it appropriate? Is this a valuable contribution to the conversation? How am I portraying myself?” Remember that everything you post is a reflection of you. You want people to read your posts and say, “Me, too!” Be relatable and post valuable things that people want to read/see.


Take GREAT pictures. I can’t stress this enough. If you learn how to take beautiful photos, with good lighting and clean backgrounds, you may hold somebody’s attention long enough for them to read your story. If your photo sucks, you have no chance. It doesn’t always need to be a picture of the oil. I post a photo of Grey, or my day, or whatever, and weave the story to include oils.
Or, Use photos of the actual oil bottles. Don’t post graphics on your FB page. Save those for private messages.


Tell a STORY. Post a heartfelt story about how oils have helped you or your family. Being vulnerable is the key to connection, and connection is the “click” in this business and…wait for it…in LIFE. A lot of that gets lost in our virtual world, so it’s your job to get it back. When you post, write like you’re talking to a friend. One friend, not a thousand acquaintances. Read it back out loud until it sounds right.


Grammar and spelling are beyond important. Limit use of exclamation points!!! They lose their impact after a few!!!!!!!! More than two is unnecessary!!!! It can sound salesy!!!!!!! And like you’re yelling!! One per three or four sentences is plenty. Trust me on this one.


Unless you’re publicly sharing your discount (which I recommend doing rarely – try not to post that graphic more than once every few months), don’t say, “message me!” or “ask me how to order!” This says to people, “message me so I can sell you some crap!” Don’t be like all the other people pushing Younique and R+F. Just don’t.


Mix up the types of posts. Once I posted about “how expensive oils are” (hint: they’re actually pretty cheap when you break it down), once about my husband tripping over my 1000 spools of elastic and then reluctantly asking me for “whatever oil will prevent infection from those filthy spools that were in a warehouse for 5 years. Purification?” Ah, the husband that knows his oils – that’s a crowd pleaser. One time I posted about how I was using Joy in my moisturizer (a new tip, even for current oil users!), and I got a lot of interaction. Find posts that others have written that are good and inspire connection and take notes.


When people comment on your posts, respond in the comments. If they ask a question about how to get oils or how much they cost, “like” their comment and then say, “Hey, Aunt Sally, I’ll send you a message!” Otherwise just be conversational in the comments. You never know what you will learn. Keep it going, more people will see it, and FB will see it as “important” – remember that? This will also ensure people keep commenting on your posts. People want connection, not a dead end. (Tip: don’t hit “reply” in the comments. Make a new comment and tag the person)


Sometimes it takes people FOREVER to come around, but eventually they do. When their baby won’t sleep or they’re sick for the 15th time this year or their allergy meds aren’t working, they’ll come around. I have had people message me after a year to finally ask about oils, and I know they’ve seen all 100 of my oil posts and never said a word. Just keep on keepin’ on. This is a long game.